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Economic Research Associate – Los Angeles, CA

The economic research associate position has a variety of roles including updating powerpoint presentation decks that the economists use to promote the business and express their views on the overall economic situation, pulling data from different sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and various residential and commercial real estate sources. [...]


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Instructional Media Developer – Wisconsin

In a nutshell I create rich internet content for online courses. This content ranges from graphics, interactive applications, and video. Instructional Designers decide what courses need, and then I work with them or Subject Matter Experts to decide how best to fit that need in a way that will benefit the learner the most. This [...]

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Chase Pilot – Victorville, CA

I work as a commercial pilot flying in the Desert just north east of Los Angeles. My job is to provide chase services to a company that produces UAVs. A UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle and are predominately used by the military for surveillance or strike missions. Currently under the regulations of the FAA, [...]


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Pharmacy Resident – Las Vegas, NV

I am currently in a pharmacy residency program at the Veterans Affairs of Southern Nevada. I work in various outpatient clinics and manage veteran’s disease states by adjusting their medications over the phone or in person. I am currently in a hypertension/diabetes/cholesterol clinic where physicians refer their difficult to manage patients for us to follow [...]


Chiropractor – Culver City, CA

I treat patients for pain in any joint-related or muscle-related area of their body. Many people think I only treat areas related to the spine but treatment includes the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and hips. I also have the pleasure of treating many dogs for joint pain/problems, most commonly large breeds with low back [...]


Counseling Intern – CA

I currently work as a counselor at a university in California. Most of my time is spent seeing students in individual psychotherapy. Such students are typically experiencing mental health or relationship difficulties. Here’s what a typical day looks like: 8a-noon- I typically see 2-3 students in individual psychotherapy for 50 minutes sessions. I’ll meet for [...]


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Medical Student – Academy Medical School

I’m a medical student at the nation’s academy medical school. As a student, I’m commissioned as an active duty Medical Service Corps officer in the United States Army. Its difficult to say what a typical day is like. I may spend a day learning how to combat repel off buildings, and then spend the very [...]


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Project Manager – Los Angeles, CA

I oversee projects as they relate to the Web and our content management system. I sift through requests for site features and bug fixes from divisions and corporate, prioritize them, and go to the appropriate departments to fulfill these requests and fix the bugs. Until we get a dedicated email person, the first half of [...]


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Casual Editor, Pixar University – Emeryville, CA

I edit video of interviews, panels, presentations, and tutorials with everyone from directors to engineers. Here’s what a typical day looks like: 9:30-10:00- Coffee, email, calendar 10:00-12:00- Edit in AVID 12:00-12:30- Lunch in the cafeteria (get the burger, $7) 12:30-2:15- Film screening 2:15-3:30- Screen capture 3:30-7:00- Edit in AVID (maybe get a beer somewhere in [...]


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Investment Analyst – New York, New York

I am an Investment Analyst at a multibillion asset manager. My job entails fluid dialogue with Portfolio Managers (PMs), Traders, and other research analysts. The goal of an analyst is to provide fundamental research and recommendations to be used in the investment process for the firm or funds that the firm markets. To be successful, [...]


Author – Ontonagon, Michigan

My name is JT Sather. I live in Ontonagon Michigan, in the upper peninsula, a half a mile from the shores of the Gitche Gummee. I lived and worked in Las Vegas for over two decades, but when the bubble burst in ’09, it was all over. I lost everything a person could ever imagine, [...]


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Patent Associate – Los Angeles, CA

I am an intellectual property attorney for a large international law firm. The main focus of my practice is defending technology companies from claims of patent infringement. In addition, I also assist companies with obtaining and enforcing trademarks. My work day usually starts at 9:30am and ends about 8:00pm. Each morning I usually start by [...]


Auditor – Honolulu, Hawaii

I work for a local CPA firm. Our job is to sniff around a company’s accounting records enough to give a thumbs up on their financial statements. Here’s an example of a day: 8am-9am: Talk to the client’s accountants and learn step-by-step how bills get paid and how they get recorded as expenses on the [...]


Lab Manager of Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Champaign, IL

I work as the lab manager in the Psych Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our lab’s research looks at the neural and psychological development of different social, cognitive, and emotional processes and takes a particular interest in adolescence. I handle administrative tasks in the lab (e.g. handling finances, scheduling lab meetings, supervising [...]


Section Manager of Materials & Process

I am a section manager of the Materials & Processes (M&P) Engineering with SSL, a company that manufactures communication satellites. I have about 10ish engineers reporting to me, our major function is to provide engineering support in all phases of satellite manufacturing and integration My schedule is about from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, I [...]


Marketing Specialist – Los Angeles, CA

As a Marketing Specialist at Gensler, I work on global architecture and interior design pursuits. I plan marketing and business development strategies for my practice areas as well as monitor and maintain marketing budgets. I manage RFP/RFQ responses, including collaboration with international design firms, coordination of consulting teams, writing/editing/proofreading, and final production. Due to the [...]


KIPP Delta Teacher – Helena, AR

I was a teacher at KIPP Delta Collegiate in Helena, AR for 2 years. My first year, I taught Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, PE, Girls’ Health, Reading, and Spanish. Too many subjects, none of them well, courtesy of an understaffed district. Thankfully in my second year, I was only assigned to teach Chemistry – [...]


Registered Nurse – Los Angeles, CA

I am a registered nurse, working in a hospital on a medical-surgical floor. There are so many different types of nursing and I think the versatility in nursing and the medical field is what makes it a unique and interesting career. The unit I work on is mainly a post-surgical floor, namely post-liver and post-kidney [...]


Library Junior Clerk – Los Angeles, CA

I’m a Library Junior Clerk in the Youth Services Department of my City’s public library. I’m pretty much the odd job/gopher person of the department so anything that my superiors need whether it be laminating, creating graphics, putting together various flyers and newsletters, organizing, book mending, making phone calls, assisting in story times, etc., I’m [...]