Field Service Engineer – Los Angeles, CA

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I am an electronics engineer working in field service. I work in the healthcare industry as a field service engineer where I maintain and repair computerized axial tomography (CAT) scanners.

There really isn’t a typical day in field service. About a quarter of my time is spent doing planned activities such as preventative maintenance and equipment upgrades. However, the remainder of my time is spent reacting to trouble calls on down equipment.

Here is a common scenario:

  • 9am Head to Hospital 1 for planned maintenance
  • 915am Receive trouble call to fix a down machine for Hospital 2. Immediately call to postpone planned maintenance and head to Hospital 2. Down machines have priority.
  • 10am Arrive at Hospital 2
  • 10am – 1030am Diagnose problem and order replacement parts to fix machine
  • 1030am – 1pm Wait for parts to be delivered on site
  • 1pm – 230pm Install replacement parts
  • 230pm – 330pm Test system to make sure the problem has been fixed
  • 330pm After problem has been fixed call Hospital 1 to reschedule planned maintenance for another day
  • 345pm Go home and do the necessary paperwork to debrief the trouble call

Some days I can be completely booked and work hours of overtime to get the job done. There are also days in which I do nothing and sit around at home waiting for a trouble call that never comes.

Type of Company
Multinational conglomerate corporation

Work Environment
I work from home and receive my work assignments through the phone or computer. I service roughly a dozen different sites that have anywhere from one CAT scanner to six. CAT scanners are used in hospital imaging centers and emergency rooms, so the majority of my time is spent on site. I handle most of my paperwork, such as repair debriefing, at home.


  • Work from home
  • Free company vehicle for work and personal use which includes vehicle registration, insurance, maintenance, and gasoline
  • Free laptop computer, iPad, and iPhone for work and personal use which includes all service fees for unlimited usage

BS in Electronics Engineering and Technology or Military equivalent training

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